Andrew Winnett

Andrew Winnett grew up in California, and has had extensive training in the banking and financial industry. He started a company named Legacy Builders Wealth Management designed to solve all the problems that retirees, and pre-retirees face when it comes to retiring and potentially running out of money.

Andrew's business philosophy is this "We focus on YOUR financial goals and dreams, to attain the ideal retirement YOU desire." His Vision is this: "To be the last Financial Firm our clients ever need." To date Legacy Builders Wealth Management has had the privilege of assisting over 5,000 clients nationwide with their Insurance and Retirement needs. Andrew always loves announcing that out of over 5,000 clients, NOT ONE of them has lost a penny due to market volatility!

Andrew is a Certified Financial Fiduciary® as well as an Independent Brokerage representing over 75 of the top Financial institutions in the country and more than 1200 Safe-Money Retirement products, ensuring his clients are ALWAYS getting the best options for their specific situation. Andrew lives with his lovely wife Jess and 4 children in Franklin TN. When Andrew is not working he enjoys camping, fishing, and anything outdoors. He also enjoys pouring back into his community by hosting faith-based entrepreneurship classes every month.

(844) 903-7233

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