Dave Stanley

After working in the financial services industry for many years, Dave Stanley started his own company specifically with the goal of concentrating on his passion: helping retirees and those nearing retirement to live without the fear of losing the money they have worked hard to earn all their lives. “It is truly rewarding to be able to help my clients have peace of mind about their financial future. I have helped them save millions of dollars in retirement assets during these turbulent financial times. My desire is to provide that same peace of mind for you.” Dave, his wife Sandra and his son David love living in West Michigan and enjoy its rich heritage.

Contact Dave at 616-719-1979 or www.integrityfinancialservicellc.com to find out more about his safe money concepts.

(844) 731-7233

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How to Invest Your Hard Earned Money - Keeping it Safe from Losses, Fees, and Inflation. To obtain a free copy of your "Safe Money" book, simply fill out the Safe Money Radio form.

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