Del Fujinaka

Del Fujinaka is a Cash Flow Strategist and Safe Money Retirement Specialist dedicated to helping small businesses and family estates navigate complex retirement decisions. With individuals retiring earlier and living longer, retirement income and protection from losses is a major area of concern for maturing Hawaii and California Residents.

Del is a graduate of University of Hawaii and Canon Financial Institute. He received his CWS and CEPA designations specializing in a unique sector of Financial Planning. Married to his wife Leila for 30 years, he resides in Honolulu, Hawaii. Del and Leila have 2 children, Riah and Devan. Faith and their Family are the foundation for all that they do and why they do it.

Del is different… He has combined his 30+ years of financial experience and business ownership to create an approach to retirement planning and wealth management that conventional advisors never even consider. Del Fujinaka is committed to the unbiased financial education you need to help you understand that you DO NOT have to expose your retirement to market risks and unnecessary taxes. You DO NOT have to live in fear of running out of money. You DO NOT have to watch your wealth get eaten up by long term care expenses.

Del has been recognized nationally and locally as a top advisor to people seeking a holistic plan, not just a boilerplate one size fits all plan. In 2004 he reached the pinnacle of “Top of the Table” honors through NAIFA’s Million Dollar Round Table for Insurance professionals. Del believes clients who have unbiased financial education are the best clients. That’s why he takes pride in sharing his financial expertise in his weekly Safe Money Radio show, books, community workshops, and numerous articles and speaking engagements.

The question that I think is very critical is “if what you thought to be true about your money turned out it wasn’t true when would you want to know?”

There are two types of clients Del is seeking to help:

1. Someone trying to make sure that unbiased advice is given to address Market, Tax, Fee and Inflation Risks.

2. Someone within five years of retirement that needs to align their financial strategies to help give them the most income they can, with liquidity, leverage and legacy multi-generationally.

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