Michael S. Bauer

Over the last 35 years, I have developed and fortified my expertise in providing clients

with investment alternatives that can help provide principal and income protection,

simple and advanced insurance planning, estate planning and guaranteed lifetime



In addition to my extensive investment experience, I am also uniquely qualified to assist

clients with all their insurance needs. I was fortunate to have worked as life and senior

life underwriter for Allstate and North American Insurance many years ago. As an

underwriter of insurance, I can now apply my medical and financial training to more

efficiently analyze your insurance needs and procure the best policy to meet your needs.

As for my specific credentials, I am licensed in Illinois and 6 other states. I am

licensed in every form of fixed and Equity indexed annuities, life, health, disability, long-term care

and property/casualty insurance. I am currently the Senior Retirement Specialist at

Guaranteed Income For My Life.


I started my career as a broker with First investors in 1984, while finishing my junior

and senior year in College. Upon graduating, I was hired by Painewebber and stayed

there for 3 years as a personal broker. I spent 4-5 years as a medical life underwriter

and Senior Life Underwriter with Allstate and North American. In 1992, I began my career as a

financial Adviser with the Equitable. While there I served as the Director of the Dual

Professional Program, recruiting and developing CPA’s and Attorneys for estate and

investment planning goals. In 2002, I joined the ranks of LPL Financial, one of the

largest independent brokerage firms in the U.S. In May of 2012, I formed my own



Today, I specialize in giving clients guaranteed streams of income, guaranteed principal

and potential upside growth without risks to market fluctuations. I am married, have 2

wonderful children and live in Andersonville.

(844) 319-7233

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