Michael Wilson

Mike has been helping people from all walks of life plan for and protect their retirement “nest egg” and finances from the unexpected since he retired from managing his engineering company in 2014.  He takes a holistic approach to financial planning incorporating all strategies necessary to ensure that your retirement is truly “crash proof” and one to be enjoyed worry free.  He has worked with business owners and individuals across the financial spectrum educating them to their risks and concerns as they move forward in life.  Because retirement is about income and legacy preservation and not about how big your 401K/403B/IRA, or stock portfolio is.

His strategies protect his clients from issues related to, health, taxes, and market risk, investment management fees, wealth preservation, and legacy.  He truly believes, and executes on his belief, that wealth and prosperity can be achieved and guaranteed without any risk or management fees.

He is most proud that he has been able to accomplish this without his clients ever experiencing a loss of wealth due to market risk or unnecessary fees.

(844) 315-7233

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