David W Mello

Dave has been a wealth strategist since 2000 helping executives, small business owners and retirees to create and maximize their wealth potential by helping them “see the unseen”.  His purpose is to explore and analyze the complicated intricacies of each individual or business’ financial situation to design and deliver simple strategies.

Dave will create a sustainable strategic financial model around your specific situation, so you live a more prosperous life without worry or resentment. His strategies effectively help reduce taxes, reduce risk, increase investment efficiency, and augment the preservation of wealth legacy for his clients.

His Valued team of industry specialists and mentors have proven to be especially powerful in helping his clients construct and execute their strategies. Many of Dave’s financial partners have been in business since the 16th century. 

Dave Was raised in Sparks and since college has resided in Reno. He has a son Bryson and a wonderful partner Jamaica.

He welcomes new clients.  If you want to arrange a discussion with Dave about your investment needs, he welcomes your call. 

(844) 725-7233

Kurt Edward Allenbaugh

Kurt has 20 years of experience educating and helping clients who are in retirement or planning for their retirement years.

His focus encompasses preserving, protecting and growing their assets in a risk-free environment. Utilizing a holistic approach to estate planning, Kurt  has aided his clients in avoiding and minimizing life-changing events that could impact and have detrimental effects to their estate.

Assessing over 5000 client portfolios has given insightful knowledge on how to customize financial  and estate plans to fit their specific concerns and needs. Connecting on a personal level and listening intently to concerns is a trait that his clients appreciate.

Providing solutions in today's economic climate requires collaboration with financial service providers, estate planning attorneys and insurance professionals.  The collaboration concept is indispensable when it comes to planning for future unknowns because catastrophic illness, outliving income, market risk, tax issues and passing assets to heirs are topics that should be evaluated and acted upon.

Proven strategies have given clients peace of mind through the leveraging of assets and creating an estate plan that works for today, the future and when assets are passed on to their loved ones.

Kurt is married and has a grown daughter.

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