Edmond G Brown

As the host of the Safe Money Radio show and a nationwide presenter of safe money concepts, Edmond G. Brown (not the governor) has served as a trusted counselor to individuals, families and businesses for the past eighteen years in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  He understands that personalized, detailed service is essential to helping you achieve financial security.


“Over the years I have helped people protect millions of dollars in retirement assets and not one of those people has ever lost a penny from market downturns. There is something truly wonderful about being able to help people have peace of mind about their financial future.”  Edmond is able to sleep at night with the comfort of knowing his client’s retirement funds are protected. It is his desire to give you that same peace of mind.


 “I believe everyone can achieve a secure financial future.  Some of us just need a helping hand”

(844) 306-7233

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